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Immediate Dentures


An immediate denture replaces natural teeth directly following the extractions of the natural teeth. Immediate dentures can be a complete denture or a partial denture.


Complete Dentures


If you are in need of all of your teeth replaced, then a complete denture is right for you. A well fitting complete denture will provide retention and stability, improve facial support and improve your ablilty to chew.

Partial Dentures


Partial Dentures are designed for people who only need a few of their natural teeth replaced but not all, each  partial is designed to fit each patients needs.

Here at Anna's Denture Clinic, we provide a full range of services, that includes complete dentures, partial dentures, immediate dentures, mouth guards, rebases, relines as well as same day repairs and of course FREE CONSULTATIONS!
Mouth Guards


A mouth guard is a plastic shield that is used to protect the natural teeth and gums.

Rebase and Reline


Rebasing is the procedure where you replace the entire base material of the denture.


Relining is the procedure that is used to resurface the tissue side of the denture with a base material, creating an accurate adaptation of the dentures foundation  

Same day repairs 


If you are in need of a urgent repair for your dentures, you have nothing to worry about, because we have the ability to do a same day repair to insure that you are never without your dentures.  

Recalls and Oral exams


It's important to see your denturist once a year to ensure oral health is maintained and the dentures have proper stability  and  fit. We want to avoid any damage to the tissue and oral cavity, as well as, ensure the temporomandibular joint is supported by a proper vertical dimension, and centric bite is maintained.   At Anna's Denture Clinic we encourage our patients to see us for a free oral exam because we believe that proper fitting dentures and a healthy oral cavity contribute to a healthy holistic balance within the body.